Global Passport is bringing the entire world in your classroom

Global Passport allow us to bring the world in your classroom. Here students interact with various individuals from different walks of life, experiences and expertise and with their support we are trying to bring the world closer to the students and make them understand and learn about different cultures, customs, traditions, regions, religions and challenges that they are facing in their countries and how they are overcoming those global challenges.

Why its important

It is important to sensitise our students about diversities which we cannot teach via books. When people from different walks of life and across countries step inside your classroom and share their stories then they bring the world closer to the students and allow students to live that moment which leaves an everlasting impact in their minds and lives and they learn beyond the geographies & history of a particular country. Through Global Passport allows our children to explore beyond their boundaries to be the true global citizen.

How it Works

Every month we will organise 4 Global Passport sessions or talks and we will upload the information on the website along with the profile of the speaker and the dates & the timings. Schools will be chosen on first cum first serve basis for each session/talk.

Schools will have to provide us some relevant information about the participants and their Skype information and get ready to join the session.

How to Join

You just need to join hands with us as a School Partner for global goals and then you’ll be bale to join hands with us for the Global Passport.

How to contribute as a Speaker

If you feel that you have love and passion for children and you can bring them closer to your culture, customs, lifestyle, challenges and give them a new dimensions about your country and you are willing to spend 45 to 60 minutes in a month on voluntarily basis then you may join as a speaker. Click here to fill the form and our team will get back to you for further discussion