Corporate plays a vital role in the overall development of the communities and economies and here we would invite corporate to join hands with us on this global movement of educating and empowering our younger generations to innovate solutions to counter the global challenges.

Why Corporate partnership – The BRISCH Advantage 

  • Build your goodwill: Community involvement enables you to touch the lives of millions while building your goodwill.
  • Raise your Profile: Helping us will help you raise your profile and you’ll directly reach out to Schools, Colleges & universities, communities & younger generations in 60 plus countries.
  • Inspire Others: By being our partner you will also inspire others to join hands for this noble initiative.
  • Sustainable Development: Your partnership will directly contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals as it will enable our younger generations to innovate solutions for global challenges
  • Change Lives: This partnership will enable you to change lives of millions of students and communities.
  • Have fun: There are many ways you can join hands with us and shoulder responsibilities while having fun at the same time.

What we expect from corporate

  1. We expect corporate to join hands with us as sponsors in our events, summits, seminars and workshops and be our partner in wide spreading our mission.
  2. We expect corporates to use their CSR funds as sponsorships for the deserving students and support them in developing solutions for communities and scholarships for their further studies.
  3. We also expect corporate to utilise their CSR funds with our community partners/ NGOs and Non Profits to help our younger generations implement their solutions for the betterment of the communities.

Benefits to the corporate

  1. Corporate partners will get their logo featured on our website (which means greater visibility in global education fraternity, communities and younger generations)
  2. Partner Corporates will get discounts in sponsorships and marketing activities.
  3. Corporate will get sponsorships benefits in the way of promotions & media coverage
  4. Corporate partners will also get direct opportunity to interact & network with educational leaders, policy makers, communities and younger generations.
  5. On joining, corporate will be featured as one of our category sponsors in one of the upcoming summits and 1 full page AD in our eMagazine “ink.
  6. Corporate partner may even publish their advertisement in our emagazine “ink.” or may sponsor our video series or interview series at discounted price
  7. Opportunity to sponsor Global Passport at a nominal sponsorship fee
  8. Corporate partner will directly work towards the youth development and help us create the future leaders and visionaries who will be industry ready and they may also join our partners as interns or employees.
  9. On mutual discussion we may also create special projects for our younger generations on the name of our partner corporate.

How to be our corporate partner

We believe that the partnership has to be beneficial for our younger generations and for the development of our project, while giving benefits & advantages to our corporate partners. Hence we take a nominal joining fee of (USD) $1100.00 from the corporate in lieu of the initial benefits that we are offering to the corporate.

Interested corporate partners may fill the form and pay the fee to be able to join as our corporate partner.