Sustainable Footprints

At Project Education we support and advocate United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and believe that Sustainable Development is all about meeting the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. For this purpose we work towards the evolution of mankind and world’s resources by bringing in equity and equality among countries and individuals.

Empowerment and Enlightenment are essential attributes of creating equity and equality among people in the world. At Project Education we empower the youth who can bring a sustainable change across the globe with the help of their knowledge, initiatives and hard work.

Our Four Sustainable Goals:
1.  Quality Education (SDG4)

Our goal is to ensure that a comprehensive and eminent education is being provided to all and work on the principal which says ‘learning is an ongoing process’.
We firmly believe that obtaining a quality education is absolutely essential to augment and enhance the lives of people. So, we at Project Education create myriad projects that can help us attain our goal with immense efficiency. The aim is to make an enormous difference in the lives of people and help them attain an unsurpassed and equivalent education.

2. Gender Equality (SDG5)

At Project Education we have opted to accomplish gender equality and empower girls and women across the globe through various projects designed with an aim to eradicate the inequity and sadism taking place against girls and women, as we sturdily believe that gender equality is not only an elementary right but is immensely imperative for the sustainable development of the world.

3. Reduced Inequalities (SDG10)

In order to create a global sustainable environment it is imperative to enhance the equality among countries and for this purpose, our ambassadors’ work upon myriad projects in order to enhance the equity among countries so that altogether this world can become a secure and wonderful home to many. Also, every individual must get an equal opportunity to learn and grow without any discrimination.

4. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (SDG16)

We at Project Education are immensely dedicated towards the creation and promotion of peaceful and just societies that are essential for sustainable development. And strongly believe that provision and access to justice must be available to every individual, not only this, effective and accountable institutions must be built in order to do justice to the sustainable development across the globe.

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