Role of Internet of Things (IOT) in Education

About Internet of Things:

Internet of Things is basically a network of several physical devices which are entrenched with miscellaneous electronics, software, network connectivity that can aid them in the compilation and exchange of any information. The term “Internet of Things” was wrought and coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble and later MIT’s Auto – Id Center in the year 1999.

The idea behind creating IOT was the amalgamation of the physical world into computer based systems which in effect could augment the precision and profitable benefit to many with a abridged human intervention.

The fundamental anticipation out of an IOT is to proffer advance connectivity of devices and systems that goes beyond machine to machine communiqué.

Some of the examples of IOT are cell phones, washing machines, headphones in short many such devices which you can assume, all they necessitate is an on and off switch which could be connected to the internet.

Future Analysis of IOT:

With the change of time, many things will modify even the technologies, and so we can say that all the future of technology says that anything that can be connected shall be connected.

Envisage how it will be like if you set up an alarm for yourself to wake up six o’clock in the morning and once it does that for you, it also sends a message to your coffee maker to brew a nice morning coffee for you? Or, you are on your way to your office and get stuck in a bad traffic jam; your car automatically sends a message to the concerned person that you’ll be late, sounds interesting isn’t it?  Not only this, what if all your wearable devices at work tell you about your efficiency and areas of enhancement, how’s that going to be?

This is the prospect of IOT, and with time you shall see it yourself and experience the variation.

What can IOT do for schools and institutions?

E- learning has become ordinary in myriad schools these days as we use internet to bring the obligatory transformations in our lives on a daily basis. Let’s look at few of the things IOT can do for schools and colleges:

1.    Paperless Environment: One thing IOT can do for schools or education sector is, create a paperless environment wherein the students can be skilled about using laptops and tablets for the purpose of academics and activities.

2.    Providing a helping aid to teacher and professors: By using IOT teachers and professors can in reality lessen their manual work and can make their lives uncomplicated by bringing systems and software in use which can diminish their burden of updating the grades or congruent tasks.

3.    Enhancing the performance of students: With the use of IOT, professors and teachers can effortlessly figure out which student needs more concentration and so, can work accordingly on that child and help him/her in the performance augmentation. This will also let them know that which child needs an individual attention and so they can help to assist him/her by using an unsurpassed approach.

4.    Creating a Secure Environment: With various safety or tracking equipment, or software any institution can augment the wellbeing of their students and campus.

Benefits for Schools and Institutions:

For any school or institution the advantage of using IOT is that, it will make their campus smarter, safer and can also help it hoard good amount of money which is usually spent enormously for the use of paper every year, a paperless environment is far better than the one with paper.

Another benefit for a school using IOT can be, that it can help your institution leave a mark for other schools who abstain themselves from using it.

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