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Inculcating Artificial Intelligence in Education

About Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines or computer programs, this is how the father of artificial intelligence John Mc Carthy defines or describes it. It is one of the most effectual ways of making an adept and beyond belief computer, a robot controlled by computer, or software which seizes an aptitude and potential to think smartly.

AI woks on the principal of how a human brain thinks, learn, decide, and work in different situations or problems; it is a research wherein once the desired outcome is attained, is then used in creating extremely intelligent softwares and systems which can be of a great use. If we look at the two basic goals of AI, they are to create expert systems and implementing human intelligence in machines.

It is so effective that it can be used in any sphere, and can do wonders if used in the education sector.

Using Artificial Intelligence in Education:

Following are the things which Artificial Intelligence can do for Teachers and Students:

1.    Enhancing Adaptive Learning: For good number of years adaptive learning has left an amazing mark in the education sector across the nation. Using Artificial Intelligence in order to augment the excellence of adaptive learning which fundamentally is using various software, programs, games that can assist students learn with no trouble and efficiently, can do wonders in the teaching as well as learning process. It will help the students master many topics or skills which they’ll be able to learn repetitively with the help of AI.

2.    Recuperating Course Structure: It is not always possible for the teachers to be aware about the gap in their lectures which leads to students being perplexed about different topics, that’s where AI steps in and can actually lend a hand to the teachers to get over such hitches. One example of such an effective system is Coursera, which is already helping many teachers bridge the gap and administer their lessons effectively.

3.    Attaining Suitable feedback: Where it can help the teachers and students in creating and indulging the course effortlessly, and customizing it according to their requirements, it can also endow them with a feedback about the efficacy of the course. The schools which are tech savvy these days are already using effective AI systems to scrutinize the student performance and alerting the teacher about the same.

Such AI systems can help the students to get lucidity of concepts, and can help teachers advance the mode of their instruction which can help the students who struggle with diverse subjects or topics.

4.    Amending the role of teachers: Teachers are an imperative part of education system and will always be, AI can help them transform themselves into amazing facilitators. AI could be adapted in many aspects of teaching, if the teachers will get used to this remarkable system they can help their students conquer myriad problems related to a topic or subject as there are plentiful AI lessons which can aid them in doing so. Artificial Intelligence is being used in most of the schools that are following the flipped classroom model, and can be used by anybody who have an impulse for making teaching and learning effectual. It can also help the teachers in the grading system, and make it easy for them to work on that exacting area.

Apart from them AI can be used in other areas as well, as it is a valuable and smart mechanism to attain the finest yet desired results if used aptly.

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