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We at Project Education work towards educating, empowering and unleashing the potential of our generations by involving them directly to work towards Sustainable development goals and we help them find & implement solutions of some serious issues that we as society are struggling with  

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    We engage students, educators and experts in different communities and ensure that they get an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge


    We engage students, educators and experts in different communities and ensure that they get an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in an utmost manner so that together they all can give a desirable shape to the environment and make this planet a wonderful home for all by working on the sustainable development goals. Not only this both, the students and educators can use Project Education as a platform to enhance their knowledge and learn new things related to education & development and well equip themselves to face future challenges with ease


    The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. ~ Socrates



    We do not believe in creating mere professionals but leaders who can be role models for the future generation by bringing in the desirable change in our society and environment. Project Education is a one stop platform wherein you will find the most significant and proficient knowledge which will help you in the process of edification and learning. Be it a student or educator, you can be a part of our movement and get an opportunity to make a mark in the domain of education and development. Every individual associated with us is empowered to work towards the sustainable development goals and hence will be a part of creating a healthier tomorrow by efficiently working on the global goals.


    Communities, empowerment with right blend of resources and tools help people innovate solutions which are economical & scalable

    Learning is an ongoing process and becomes better with innovation; hence we provide myriad opportunities to educators and students to create various innovations which can prove to be useful as well as beneficial for planet and mankind. These innovations are not the theoretical but practical solutions which once implemented can bring in a proficient change in the sustainable development across the planet. The solutions or innovations are an outcome of immense brainstorming and intensive research sessions and are created for the purpose of experiencing a much enhanced future.


    Scalable and innovate solutions can bring a bigger change and can help our youth transform the global concerns with the right solutions

Education for all

Learning Solutions

The videos at Project Education are the immensely intellectual talks given by proficient educationists, leaders, experts, policy makers & students and are targeted on the erudition objectives keeping education and augmentation in their mind. The audio and visual elements being integrated in them pass on apposite parts of a topic and emphasize on significant attributes

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We, at Project Education believe that learning new things is a seamless process and must never end, for this rationale myriad books are being offered here with an inculcation of in depth knowledge pertaining to assorted skills, technology and much more related to education which can be easily fitted in any of the domain associated

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Learning camps at Project Education assures that we reach out to every single individual, so that no one leaves behind and educate them about Sustainable Development Goals and involve them in the journey of making this planet a better place for ourselves and for our future generations. We organise various learning campus directly or in

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The workshops conducted at Project Education follow a research based strategic teaching and learning practices and are fundamentally created to empower students, teachers and everyone associated with education fraternity for the purpose of knowledge enhancement and success.

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    Be a wannabe. Desire to be like someone fuels your focus and will. Be a wannabe because one day you might become somebody all the others want to be. I was a wannabe.


  • Hon. H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis

    Education open doors to a lot of opportunities for development, growth, and success. Education is also one of the most intelligent investments a country can make in its citizens. Government and civil societies should work together to provide free, competitive, and quality education; where we can reduce poverty, boosts economic growth, and sustain better quality of life. Thus, Education has the power to transform lives.


    Education is empowering yourself with knowledge to understand the world better, helps you to differentiate between right and wrong and make the world a better place to live

    Celebrity Chef


    Education is an opportunity to see life in its entirety. The adventure of overcoming ignorance. A unique way to release from fear and delusions and along that way life takes on a deeper meaning. Such a concept of education is worth fighting for.

    If you give up this key component in education, it will be nothing more than a mere form,often used to enslave human minds.

    Former member of the National Parliament of Montenegro, Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sports & Professor of language and literature, MONTENEGRO


    Education is not only in books , its exploration and innovation complied with execution. As I believe “Application of knowledge is power”.

    Founder, Peaceful Mind Foundation


    Education and learning is at the root of the cultures and communities we create. It has an impact on absolutely everything. What and how we learn determines who we are and what we do. Everyone talks about changing the world but it is people we need to change. By changing mindset we change behaviour, action and impact. The absolute greatest gift we can give to the world is to inspire young minds in a different way. To help them to reconnect and better understand themselves and unlock their true potential so that they become active innovators and rejuvenators of the global eco-systems. Through Project Education we can transform learning so that it enhances the experience and evolution of the human through connection, imagination, creativity and play. I am delighted to be an active member of this global tribe.

    Co Founder, RoundTable Global, UK


    We note and recognise the global demographic youth bulge. The Arab spring brings to mind what the youths can do. The youths, by number and motivation, are at the strategic point in time the change agents for a better tomorrow. As youths, we should live by the choices we make and not by chance. We are the generation that can make changes; and not excuses. We should not be manipulated and used. Youths should choose self-esteem; listen to their inner voice and be positively optimistic. The youths are the future of any nation.

    Chief of Health, UNICEF, Kenya


    The Global Goals was set with the aim of leaving no one behind, and if we must get close to achieving these 17 goals, it falls upon this generation of young leaders to take a stand along with all sectors of society and act now. It’s not only about saving the planet and making a better world for all, but ensuring our kids and grandkids have a chance of living on planet earth. Take it personally, cause, after all, it is personal.

    Global President at AIESEC, Netherlands


    Each and every person has the ability to help another. When we all work together we are benefited. This suggests there is no variation between selfishness and altruism. We suggest trying it out…

    Author, Researcher, Doctor & Humanitarian, USA


    Kudos to the great job you are doing. Praiseworthy and phenomenal. Stay blessed

    Education Evangelist, Author & National Awardee

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